Our Story

Emmanuel Baptist developed out of Spring Ridge Chapel and Sunday school mission which was a extension of Calvary (First) Baptist Church.  Emmanuel held its first preaching service on August 8, 1890.  The first pastor was Rev. C. W. Townsend.

Through the dedication of early families and under the leadership of Rev. P.H McEwen, the young church built its first building in 1892 in the present day neighborhood of Fernwood.  This building is  currently occupied by the Belfry Theatre.  

After several short pastorates, the church found renewed strength under the leadership of Rev. William Stevenson from 1909 to 1924.  Rev, Stevenson was well regarded in the community.  During this time Emmanuel established Shelbourne Street Mission which in 1952 became Stevenson Memorial Baptist.  Our meeting room is named after Rev. Stevenson.  Today you can see his portrait and a memorial plaque that celebrates his ministry.

Emmanuel’s ministry grew significantly under the leadership of Rev. Norman K. Archer who served from 1966 to 1979.  During this time (1970),  Emmanuel and Stevenson Memorial  joined together and moved to the current location on Cedar Hill X.  In 1978 the average attendance in morning worship was 664.  In 1977, Emmanuel member Gipp Forster founded the Mustard Seed Street Church which today is well known in Victoria for its food bank.

Emmanuel continued with strength in the 1980s and 1990s with leadership from Rev. Jake Kroeker.  The church celebrated its centennial in 1990 with plans to expand the facilities onto the corner lot.  These plans did not receive approval from the city. 

In the last thirty years Emmanuel continued to have a strong ministry in Victoria.  As with many churches in the city, attendance has diminished from the height reached in the 1970s but new ministries have grown in strength. Pastors John Wilton [9 years], Rob Fitterer [9 years] and David Dawson [5 years] served as Lead Pastors.

In 2003, from small beginnings, Emmanuel has developed a ministry to students through a weekly student dinner.  At times the church feeds upwards of 400 students offering them a loving atmosphere and a warm welcome.

In 2006 Emmanuel embraced the vision of Pastor Joshua Wang and began a ministry to Mandarin Chinese speakers.  After an original partnership with a church from Vancouver, Emmanuel has adopted a multicultural identity.  The Mandarin worship service has seen steady growth over the years. 

Emmanuel  is celebrating 135 years of ministry in our community and we are currently seeking God’s direction as we search for a new Lead Pastor.

Emmanuel offers YouTube Sunday Worship services for those unable to attend in person.

Emmanuel Baptist Church Victoria BC