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Psalms of Lament

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Although our Western culture struggles with making room for sadness and grief, our biblical heritage makes room for these dark feelings through passages like the Psalms of lament. This last Sunday we reflected on Psalm 88 which is one of the rare Psalms that faces darkness and does not decidedly turn towards hope. Although passages like this can be difficult, they serve an important reminder to us that God gives us room to work through difficult emotions. He is comfortable with us venting our feelings and processing our doubts. The wider testimony of the scriptures is clear that God never abandons us, although the Psalms of lament also make it clear that sometimes we will feel like he has. We must remember that Christ entered into suffering on our behalf. He does not avoid it and he does not avoid us while we are in it. At the same time God uses our dark times and sad times to refine our faith and renew our dependence on him. So take the time that God gives you, cry out to him and know that he will never leave you or forsake you.

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