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Faith and Faithfulness

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When James says that faith without deeds is dead, he is pointing to the fact that faith is more closely related to love than it is to knowledge. James is not saying that the way to please God is to believe in him and do good deeds, as if both are items on a list that we must checked off. What he is saying is that the true identity of faith is more than belief, it is action. Faith is not a one time decision, but rather a relationship of faithfulness. Faith is not saving faith unless it affect our lives.  We cannot look back on a profession of faith and thus declare that we are saved. While it is true that our salvation begins with a commitment, that commitment must continue to be lived out in the present. So doubt is not our greatest enemy as if a failure to believe perfectly would jeopardize our relationship with God. It is possible to wrestle with things that we do not understand and yet continue to live faithfully with God. Biblical faith is belief made complete by action. 

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