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Hide and Seek

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 I have recently experienced the joy of playing hide and seek with God. He has shown me that although he often seems hidden that he is willing to be found. When children play hide and seek, they do not assume that those hiding want to remain hidden forever. There is pleasure in the seeking and joy in the discovery. I have experienced this with God as I have noticed him in the circumstances of my life and in his word. This last Sunday I reflected on the book of Joel and shared a little of how I have experienced the voice of the Holy Spirit in my life. You can hear more of this by listening to the sermon online.Help me to make the effort and enjoy the pursuit.  What I've also noticed is that I don't always want to play the game. It takes energy and focus to spend time with God and maintain an openness to his Spirit. Too often I want to take the easy way out and distract myself with my computer or television. At these times I can complain that God is not present, but the truth is I'm the one that's not being present to him. Lord I want to look for you and find you each day. Ready or not here I come.

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