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True to the core

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logsLately I have been trying to listen to God and look for messages and metaphors in the things I see around me. This past week Julia and I were at Barnabas family ministries on Keats Island for a r
etreat. On a walk I came across a stack of logs where I sat for a while. My attention was drawn to many of the logs which had rotten cores. The outer wood was still in good shape but the tree had been dying from the inside out. I later learned that this was called pocket rot and
 that there is no way to see this until the tree is cut down. I felt that God was speaking to me in this metaphor and calling me to stay true on the inside. I want to be faithful throughout my life. I want to have a vibrant inner life. I want to be spiritually healthy 
in my outer life and at the ceter of my being.

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